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Nykieria Chaney


Hailing from New Jersey, there’s nothing that can stop Nykieria Chaney from achieving her dreams. She’s won awards, created inspirational works of art, and impacted the very audiences she’s drawn in with her talent. Chaney’s got not one or two, but almost half a dozen titles that categorizes her skill set; Author, poet, playwright, director, producer, actor, videographer, and all-around badass female powerhouse (the last one we added in, and it fits!) - Patrick Colson-Prince (The Georgia Voice)

Chaney is the recipient of the 2017 Atlanta Black Theatre Festival Best Producer award and the 2018 Best Non Fiction award from the Atlanta LGBT Film Festival. A best selling author of over 20 books, she launched the iNspire Journal Collection in 2018, a series of journals dedicated to the inclusion of African American artists throughout the arts.

Nykieria's works explores the personal aspirations of people when confronted with inequality, social and economic disadvantages, and lack of representation. The means by which they overcome those situations serve as a driving force to inspire and motivate both audience members and those participating in her productions to rise to their full potential. Nykieria recently completed The Chairman, a play on the assassination of Black Panther Party Chairman Fred Hampton.

Unafraid to address controversial issues, Nykieria powerfully delivers works that do not simply scratch the surface but offer a verbal stronghold on taboo and unaddressed subjects. Through these many avenues of creative expression, she has acquired a loyal fan base that is widely divergent and composed of various nationalities, beliefs, and orientations.

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