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Video Production

We are an award-winning full service film and theatrical production company. Our staff of writers, directors, and producers draw on their diverse experiences in film, theatre, graphic design, music, and social media to create projects that connect with audiences intellectually and emotionally. Utilizing cinema, performance, dance, and other expressive arts, we produce thought provoking works with professional expertise.

Production Management

We work meticulously to manage event production with A-list speakers, celebrities, and entertainment with professionalism and skill. We are here to provide in-depth, hands-on and long-term support during the entire run of your production. Importantly, we’ll make sure your budget is maximized to deliver your story. We are as committed as you are to delivering a flawless and highly effective live event.

Award-winning author, playwright and director Nykieria Chaney will consult in the creation and execution of your theatrical performance. Nykieria understands the work of the director is central to the production of a play, since it is the director who sets the vision for the production for everyone involved. She will work to bring your project to life. 


Our Studio


NDC Studios is a minority owned, multi-functional event and performance space within Atlanta's thriving arts community. Our goal is to increase access to the arts while providing artists a place to develop, rehearse, and perform new works with an emphasis on reintroducing historical African-American contributions to literary and performing arts. Our unique performance space offers the community access to high quality events that highlight the cultural fabric and history of Atlanta. By providing affordable easily accessible development space for artists, we will help cultivate a generation of artists equally invested in their culture, social and creative practices.

NDC Studios is a culturally diverse alternative to the commercial Atlanta venue experience. We understand that art touches every facet of our lives and offer dynamic and constantly-evolving programming to meet those needs. Additionally, we research and develop opportunities to build partnerships with local businesses to increase economic return to the city through sponsorships,  vendors and space for cultural activities. 

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