Yuri & Malcolm

Today is Yuri Kochiyama 95th birthday. Looking up images of her, I found myself lost in the final picture of her with Malcolm X. I stared at the picture with a thousand memories, moments, and questions blazing through my mind. I saw play scenes and dramatic dance collaborations. I saw my recently murdered cousin laying in his own blood. My eyes watered at the sight of Betty kneeling at his side, to imagine the pain she must have felt. The tender way Yuri Kochiyama held Malcolm’s head. Questions blazing like, do they know what they did? Why did they? How could they? Where are our Malcolm’s and Martin’s? What if they’d been sheltered, body protected by layers of Kevlar?

Malcom said, “Hell is when you don’t have justice!”

What state are we in?

Happy Birthday Yuri Kochiyama.

#MalcolmX #YuriKochiyama

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