This Too Shall Pass

I’ve been looking at some of my old work and found a piece that spoke to me. I’m surprised I hadn’t shared it here yet.

This Too Shall Pass

First you snap it at the top, Pull it back and allow it to tear down the middle Take your thumb and run it along the inside from top to bottom and they’ll fall out one by one Clack, clack, clack, clack, clack The sound of my great grand mother teaching me to shuck peas in the summer Alabama heat met with fly squatters and ceiling fans Georgia red dirt and ice tea brewing on the porch Now thangs ain’t gon always be dis way and sho as the sun come, you must learn to change but that too… shall pass Mudeah we called her Smooth as buttermilk biscuits, smoked hammocks, and collard greens Seemed like she held secret recipes on her finger tips Weaving peach cobbler and jam stored through the winter She loved us through food Taught us life lessons through cooking Don’t turn the stove on the caramel too high because the heat will burn the sugar Translation Some things in life you must wait for, allow it to happen naturally Don’t run in the kitchen when the cake is baking because it’ll turn upside down Translation You have the ability to ruin what you’ve created by simple mistakes Don’t use too much rum in the German chocolate cake Well that just means she didn’t want us to get drunk She never spent a night out drinking Didn’t know the feel of smoke going into her lungs Cigarettes were not lady like she would say So the diagnosis took us all by surprise It wasn’t just a cough but cancer Lining her insides and causing the pain she felt in her sleep Treated with radiation, mixed with chemotherapy, lots of pills, doctors visits Relatives popping in and calling to express their concerns She simply said, But baby, this too shall pass And it did… That winter she allowed me to rub pomade on her scalp to keep her bald head from getting cold She refused to cover herself in hats or wigs After all beauty is only skin deep And that too shall pass Then like a spring flower the hair began to rise from the surface slow at first Soft as silk and white as cotton And by summer she was back in the kitchen My cousins and I took adventures into ditches to bring back fresh blackberries for pies She turned kool aid into frozen treats Cooked grits every morning and made pancakes her specialty Yet it was as if she knew because the cooking and lessons begun to come more regularly Does the flower not bloom simply because it perishes soon If you don’t live your dreams then who do you expect to accomplish them for you Anything worth having is worth fighting for Love as if you’ve never been hurt Give as if you have more left Hug more often Be kind to the heartless because ignorance can’t help itself She knew before we began to hear the moans from her room in the middle of the night Before the treatments began again Before the months she was given left to live She knew that she too would pass But not before teaching us to remember to touch more often Call more often Cherish today Each minute That Breath You just took Is a moment to be savored So closed your eyes Relax your shoulders Lean back your head and remember This too.. shall pass

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