The Numbers Are In

I’ve been blogging for about two years now and my numbers have been growing slowly. It’s not like I started blogging to have people flocking to my site. It was more about having a place online that I could just vent and allow people to know a little bit more about me, hence my tag is “More Than A Woman”. 

I average around 300-400 hits a month and that is fine with me. So imagine my surprise last month when I created a post that was picked up on news outlets and other forums. Not only did it drive individuals to that post but I saw an increase through out my entire site. It felt like someone had left my front door open and invited people into my home without permission. I mean yeah this is a public domain but people don’t really know anything about me. Now I’m getting private emails from strangers that have never commented on my site and I was a little…. freaked out. lol.

My heart rate has returned to normal though the increase of my blog views is elevated. Now that the shock has passed, I’m happy to report that AtlTomgirl was viewed 25,069 times by 17,457 visitors for the month of February. Pretty darn impressive for an around the way girl from Jersey.

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