The Black List

Black folks don’t do that! If you’re African American/Black then i’m sure you grew up hearing a list of things that “Black folks don’t do”. A few or a lot of those things involved water. Black folks don’t swim, Black folks don’t ski, Black folks don’t go skydiving, eat sushi, and a list of other adventurous things. In my household, I was told that those were things that “white people do”, albeit not politically correct, it is true. And for a long time I would turn up my nose to those things because after all, I was told that they were not something that I should do.

But why!

Who came up with this long laundry list of things that we should not do? Did they try them? Is there something in our genetic that makes us unable to do these things? I’ll wait for you to find a reason. See, I challenge these things that I’m “not” supposed to be doing. I plan on living my life to the fullest and that often involves lots of adventure. I’ve bungee jumped (twice), gone jet-skiing in the Bahamas, hiked the rainforests in both Puerto Rico and Costa Rica. I crave sushi and I’ve eaten kangaroo, buffalo, wild boar, ostrich, snake, frog legs, alligator, and a ton of other things that will make my grandmother turn her nose up.

Grandma, I’m not crazy, I’m just living!

And today, I got to cross whitewater rafting off my bucket list and it was so amazing. It was exhilarating! I kept trying to focus on taking the moment in. The scenery was beautiful, the air crisp, water cool… etc etc. It was the perfect day and I had the time of my life. I can’t wait to go back next year.

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