Speaking With God….

These days I spend a lot of time praying. I ask God to bless and protect me and a number of other things. Sometimes we look for certain blessings and other things to confirm God is doing what we’re asking of him. Well just imagine some of the things God could say on blessing us….

You asked me to Bless you….

See, the other day I made you late for work because I know someone was going to run the red light and you would have been fatally wounded in the accident.

And I know you never noticed but the man that’s been watching your apartment and planning to break in, well I had him arrested the other day. He won’t be assaulting you after all as he’ll be away for  a long time.

I also know you didn’t notice but I cleared your artery and stopped that massive heart attack that was building up.

I also stopped your boss from overhearing that conversation the other morning when you went to work with an attitude. He would have fired you.

You’ve been feeling bad about not going to the gym lately… Well about that heart attack I mentioned earlier, I kept you from exercising so it wouldn’t happen.

I hear your prayers for a new job but I know if I keep you at the one you’re currently at you’ll be entitled to that big settlement that will repay you for the hard work you’ve put in.

I know that don’t always enjoy talking to your mother…father… etc etc but I allow those conversations to happen so you don’t feel guilty when they’re gone.

Oh, and while you’re asking for Blessings, I introduced you to someone the other day. You don’t know it but they’re going to help you walk into that career you’ve always wanted.

That vacation you’ve been praying for… I kept you from there because criminals were robbing.. killing… raping… tourist… You would have been one of them.

Oh, and about that partner you’ve been praying that I would bless you with… Well I kept him/her from you because they would have broken your heart all over again.

You get the drift…

I would never ever in my life attempt to speak for God but I believe it’s important for you to pray and thank him for what you don’t know he’s doing in your life.

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