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Back in 2008, one of my homework assignments was to write a bio on myself as if it was 30 years from that date. Here is what I wrote. It was cool reading back over this now. One thing I can say is that I have always been ambitions.

Celebrating the life and legacy of Nykieria Chaney

Nykieria Chaney was originally born in Newark,NJ in 1981. She began reading at an early age so it didn’t surprise her parents when she began writing poetry and speaking at her family reunions. From there Chaney got involved in a number of literacy programs and wrote her first book of poetry in 2007 called “Think It, Write It, Speak It… Nothing But The Truth”.  Chaney was recognized as a poet on a national level when she recited a poem she’d written during the historical Inauguration of former President Barack Obama.

The year 2009 proved to be an excellent year for Nykieria and during the 2009 United Arts Festival Chaney’s play Having Faith When Giving Up Isn’t An Option debuted in Orlando, Fl. That was the beginning of what became a lengthy life of arts.

Chaney’s play opened the eyes of many Central Floridians and it wasn’t long before the play was picked up in numerous cities across the United States. It was Chaney’s second play that took her across seas where it was showed in theaters throughout Europe. Chaney spent 5 years performing in Europe, Asia, and Africa before she returned back to the United States where she opened on Broadway.

Chaney’s love for the arts did not stop with plays and books. In 2022 her program Women Embracing Literary Excellence aimed at reaching incarcerated women was a phenomenal success. WELE’ grew to over 200,000 members and to date has helped women publish over 300 bestsellers. WELE’ helped to rehabilitate many prisoners that felt they were otherwise ostracized from society. The program gave it’s members a way to express themselves and helped transition them back into society.

In 2030 Chaney was criticized for opening the African American School for Performance Arts. Many critics says that the school was racially motivated but Chaney argued that African American children and teens needed a school that instilled cultural awareness and promoted an environment for them to achieve their best. Accepting children as young as 3 and as old as 25, the school has gone on to become one of the highest attended schools for Artists.

In recent years, Nykieria has continued to publish books of poetry and perform at speaking engagements where she encourages people to never stop following their dreams, that life is your canvas for you to paint as much or as little on as you wish. Her coffee book series “Spare Change” continues to generate money to feed and shelter homeless Americans.

This November marks the beginning of World Impact Month which starts on November 2 which is Chaney’s birthday and continues until December 2. During World Impact Month people around the world are encouraged to participate in various projects that assist Non Profit Organizations in accomplishing their mission.

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