She came knocking…

I have always been a dreamer. This time I’m not talking about the head in the skies, where i’m trying to go with my life type. Though I am one of those… This time, I admit that things have had a way of revealing themselves to me in my dreams since I was a young girl. Not every second of every day, I wish. If everything revealed itself to me then I would have avoided many heartbreaks and disappointments. However, when the time was right, certain things have appeared in my dreams that I had no clue of in my waking life.

*Sidenote* between my Mississippi Be Damned post and this one, I’m not sure if I would still be following me by now. Are you witnessing my decline from the sane world. And even in saying that, who is to determine what is sane and what isn’t because honestly, my experiences with those that diagnose you is that they often have more problems than the very manuals they use to tell you what you suffer from. Thus, I believe that in order to truly evaluate someone, you must be a bit off the driven path yourself. Maybe this is where I should insert one of those disclaimers that says I’m not a medical professional and if you’re feeling psychotic blah blah blah… Maybe this is the start of my 2012 resolutions where I tell people if you don’t like what I write, say, who I am, or how I live my life, there is a  delete button….

Woo Sah…

Back to my dream. I had it about 48 hours ago. The first notable thing about the dream is that I’ve only had a dream like it once in my life. Less than a week later, I met the person I dreamt of.

Present: I met her in my dream. I was going to meet one of my friends to pick up something. It was something that she did often and other people were coming to meet with her as well to pick up their stuff. I noticed her the moment she got out of her truck. I didn’t know who she was and in reality, I have never met her but everything about her felt familiar. I knew the way she walked, smelt… But I didn’t know her. After getting whatever I came to pick up, she walked over and began talking to me. She asked me about a book that I’d recently published. Apparently, it was one of two new books that I had put out. Ironically, I am working on two new books. I’ll keep the rest of my dream to myself but I woke up the next morning with a feeling that is hard to describe. I’ve tried to throw it in the back of my mind the last few days but it was such an overwhelming feeling. In the dream I saw her face and knew we hadn’t met before. Now I can’t picture her face for the life of me. Que sera sera.

Maybe I need to hurry and publish these two books so I can meet this woman. lol

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