Quotes on Life

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A relationship with God must be cultivated daily.

Repenting requires listing your sins, not just saying you repent.

The moment you realize that you may not be able to have children is the moment you realize just how beautiful and precious motherhood really is.

The absence of a mothers touch will make you yearn for just that.

Holding yourself alone in bed night after night will make you fully appreciate a lover’s embrace.

A gentle caress will make you remember days of going without.

Aging will make you more cognizant of what you have yet to accomplish.

The first time a love one hits you, the love/respect is gone.

Don’t be so quick to talk about someone who looks different. Some people are spending lifetime sentences inside their own bodies.

Some emotional pain hurts so bad it feels physical.

Even the most silent tears can strip you of your voice.

Love is to be unbridled, not restricted nor restrained.

You don’t have to eat everything on your plate.

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