Pray Tell (NaPoWriMo 4 of 30)

Two boys Ages 9 & 12 After having been dropped off at my house by their 2 different mothers after 12 Are you boys hungry Together: Yes What did you have for breakfast I had 4 pieces of bacon. 9 Well I had chocolate milk. 12 & maybe that wouldn’t be so bad But the facts are Not only is it after 12 but their mothers have dropped them off Bc one of them is suddenly having a project, sorry politically incorrect, public housing, inspection Both lying Making running the streets more important than taking care of their children & my amazement they both believed this lie to be sufficient Nevermind the fact that I can’t understand why your house wouldn’t be clean with or without an inspection I can go for a long time without eating. 12 Why do that Bc I’ve trained myself, hey, my mom has one of these. She uses it to sniff her sinus medication into her nose It’s a straw, he’s unknowingly lying But I wonder what will happen one day when someone slides him something his mother has knowingly accustomed him to seeing done To add insult to injury present day His mother, over 40, is gone chasing a 22-year-old man Meaning sleeping with another woman’s unmothered son These women have gone from loving their sons to f**king them figuratively & in a literal sense Repetition without repentance or remorse they now pass on a generational curse Boys attempting to be men when they’ve never seen it done Mistaking their ability to cum for love Haphazardly trying to find their courage in guns & drugs Feeding into unrealistic rap lyrics spread by other wayward children getting rich off another’s poverty There are not more black men in jail than schools but unfortunately it is a stereotype that is not hard to believe when so many lack the desire to achieve beyond hood dreams and get rich quick schemes Even Jay Z knew the quickest way to prosper was to leave the streets while convincing other desperate individuals how much you loved it You pushing nickles and dimes barely making a dollar on five for crimes with a minimum 3 year sentence upon conviction All because you brought into a few sentences over a dope ass beat The epitome of what happens to misguided children 2 boys ages 9 and 12 Dropped off at my house by their 2 different mothers after 12 I feed them Sit down and pour as much love into them as time will allow because little black boys have become an endangered species and im attempting to save a few generations

National Poetry Writing Month NaPoWriMo 2014

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