Night Crawlers (NaPoWriMo 14 of 30)

Most nights I am afraid to sleep in the dark Silences speaks too loud Amplified by the inability to see but hear everything The drip of the ice box reloading The furnace boiling A random car horn Footsteps My ears strain to hear the door handled rattled Or even touched So I stay up Completely exhaust myself Those nights I typically sleep on the couch With the TV on I’m really being brave if I turn it off It’s rather irrational Knowing that real terrors thrive without the cloak of darkness Those monsters hide in daylight knowing night would expose their intentions Freud has proposed that fear of the dark is but a manifestation of separation anxiety disorder Breaking the bond of those with whom you have strong emotional attachment Even if it’s unhealthy Quite possibly my fear has nothing to do with monsters and everything to do with those I need to let go Lack of attachment from childhood turned hyperactive as an adult I have been working on letting go Forcing myself to break those unhealthy alliances Soul binds that were never meant to be It is a rather difficult task

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