1. of private fasting

  2. the public fast as prescribed by the Mosaic Law and kept yearly on the great day of atonement

    , the tenth of the month of Tisri
    (the month Tisri comprises a part of our September and October); the fast accordingly, occurred in the autumn when navigation was usually dangerous on account of storms

On 03/20 I entered into my current fast. I am abstaining from all food

and most beverages except water. The past two days I have had a cup of coffee in the morning but that’s it besides ice and water.This fast is truly about “afflicting my soul”, of all the things I am seeking, I am mostly desiring a closer relationship with God
 on this journey. I believe that in sacrifice I will be able to reach a higher level, elevating to the next platform of my life. I’m not Holy, nor is this my attempt to appear more spiritual than I am. I am on a journey.


from food and physical pleasures….

I’ve read that you don’t choose to fast; it is something that chooses you and that is the absolute truth. I really can’t describe what has led me up to this point. I can just tell you that it has been an all-consuming urge. It wasn’t anything that I had to research or look up how to do; it was just something that I knew needed to be done. My whole body responded to the notion. It was time. I’m seeking guidance, direction, spiritual revelation and elevation. The journey from what I have known and what I seek to become is a long road that I often conflict even myself on. The old me struggles with the new me on the most trivial issues. I am walking in my destiny, I am sharpening my craft, I am letting go and letting God. I do not seek perfection but I will be obedient. I don’t know how long this fast will last as I’ve never done a fast from all food. Well except for not eating after 12 if I had Dr’s appt for lab work.

Yesterday was easier than I thought it was going to be. I was anxious and nervous about lunch time. We’ve been programmed to tell ourselves it’s time to eat when our job determines that it is. That in itself is ridiculous but I digress. When it was almost time to get off yesterday someone popped popcorn and I think my mouth watered just a tad lol

God said, “When you seek me with all your heart, I will be found by you”. (Jeremiah


I’m steadfast and diligent in remaining obedient. In the spirit of Jabez

I have been asking God to Bless me and enlarge my territory. I pray that he keeps his hand upon me and remove any/all temptation from me. Through the trials of my life I know that I am intended to endure much because my Blessings
 and reward will be vast and far-reaching. With this in mind I submit myself to the process.

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