My Heartfelt Apology

I apologize I apologize for being more concerned about others than you For neglecting you while attending to the needs of everyone else For not loving and taking care of you the way I knew I should I apologize I apologize for getting angry at you when things didn’t go as planned Self-medicating on risky behaviors rather than to face an unhappy truth For the prayers I thought of but never shared with you The goals we made that I barely attempted to uphold Burying your lows while smiling to hide what you were going through I apologize for ignoring your cries Those shed out loud and the ones no one would ever see You were always the best but foolishly I continued to settle for less I apologize for missing out on our morning prayer and afternoon walks Church services and random drives around town Days of joy followed by nights full of laughter You are my truest friend and stronghold My help when there is no one else This is my apology to myself My vow to love ME more My vow to love ME harder And bigger And better And doper Than ANYONE else I apologize to myself

Today is the beginning of National Poetry Month. I have yet to complete 30 poems within 30 days but I will continue to try.

National Poetry Month 2016 #NationalPoetryMonth #NationalPoetryMonth2016 nykieria

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