Mississippi Be Damned

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And here is where i begin sounding strange, talking about things that doesn’t make any sense. Things I don’t understand and would side eye someone if they said to me.

I just got back from Mississippi.  I think this is the third time ive been to the state but the feeling is the same. Something strange happens to me when i visit MS. According to my knowledge, i have no familiar roots there. I’ve never lived there and don’t know many people who have so it’s hard for me to track anything of mine back to this land. But when I come to Mississippi, something happens.

The first time I flew into Jackson about 6 years ago, I got this overwhelming feeling as we flew over the terrain. It was something in the red of the dirt, the crook of the river, the plains that captured my spirit. I simply thought it was a passing moment. The entire time I was in MS, I kept being overcome by this weeping spirit. Certain places that we would go, it would be as if the area was speaking to me. (insert weird face here ____)

The next time I visited, the feeling changed over into something that made me feel more intuitive. I could sense presences around us. B ut the weeping was gone.

Now to this visit. I got to MS about 4pm Friday and it happened instantly. It was like the moment I stepped out of the car and my feet connected with the ground, my senses became heightened. I’m sure this is one of those things that people will tell me that I’m imagining but I know what  I felt. I could sense things, feel things, it was almost like I knew things that I didn’t know. I’d never even been there but I kept imagining the place looking different… and yes, I was creeped out. I kept seeing/feeling people running through woods and dirt roads. When I looked at certain people, it was almost like I could see through them to what they were really going through…. And there was that weeping spirit. It was almost like spirits in mourning. Yikes…

Before I left I had to go to the MS river. By then, my friend thought I was way tripping btw. lol. But I had to see the river, sit by the banks so to say. I don’t think I’m going back to MS.

Has anyone ever experienced this? What could this have been?

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