Life Changes

Mic Check 1, 2, 1, 2…. Is this thing on? Hell yeah it is. So if you follow my blog then you know that AtlTomgirl has been doing some serious hibernating. & this hibernation lasted well over the winter, to be honest, it began in the spring. 2012 dropped kicked the sh*t out of me, made me sit down in the corner, & take whatever it decided to stuff down my throat. Straight, don’t move from the table until you’ve ate every one of those nasty ass green peas style. Long story short, I had some lessons to learn. The last 13 months of my life was…. well…. life changing. I will forever remember the 30th year of my life as the year I earned my big girl panties! Some of the last 13 months of my life were bipolar, not me, just the months lol. They were filled with extreme highs & lows at the same time. What I looked like & what I was going through was two totally different things. I learned what it meant to walk in grace. I became ok with allowing some people to walk out of my life & never allowing them to return. Brought some new locks so they can’t get back in. I had a few, “dis bitch gots me twisted” moment. Yep, some of those, don’t allow the woman I’ve become to make you forget that I was born & raised in Newark, NJ. Lol. Lessons! There were some days that I had no choice but to take what life was dishing me. I’d worked myself into some situations that God was going to make me sit through. Have you ever prayed to God & you can literally hear him telling you NO! If you haven’t then just wait. Life will now be referred to as before/after 2012.

Was it that serious? Absolutely, I just didn’t blog about it. But like Cellie said, “I’m here”! But not only am I hear y’all but it’s a new day. There’s a different sway in my hips. My eyes sparkle a lot brighter & much deeper. People ask me why I’m glowing, not knowing the hell I’ve gone through. I say what I mean, like it or not, better have a deep throat. My touch causes tingles.When I flirt, & I do flirt, I make panties moist. Cocky eh? No, confident than a MF!

That’s what happened, every ounce of the little girl that was in me was removed and a grown ass woman was revealed. Get with it lol, I’m kinda feeling myself a little these days. Guess that’s what happens when something sets out to kill you & instead you come out stronger, more confident, packing glocks & grenades, with your locs tied to the back, ready for a mf to leap if they feel froggy roflmao.

Seriously though, again I say, it’s a new day. Life has changed & I’m loving it. I’m back, writing/blogging again. It will be better, more honest, more direct, straight from the hip, yet as creative as I. Happy New Year & let’s have a hell of a Black History Month.

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