I’ll begin, You finish…

You’ve been on my mind And I’ve been thinking Feeling Wanting Just once Can I… Can we…. Just… once…. Here, then there Go ahead and say yes I hear your mind speaking You know what I’m thinking Shh… Don’t think another word Let’s make mental Connections Deep in your Scratching my Going over Into Riding Grinding Breathing Increasing Deeper Pulling Tugging Kissing Twisting Go Deeper I can’t breathe like this Work like this Talk like this With you on my mind You know, I am sitting Patiently waiting The scent of my anticipation spread across the room My locs are standing at attention Coco Mademoiselle and honey And my knees are getting weaker My breaths are getting deeper My chest is rising higher Meshell is singing Candles are flicking Incense burning No music, just silence Just me tugging on my lips anxiously anticipating your arrival

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