Guess Where I Am!!!

It is a warm and cozy day outside. The sky is painted a beautiful baby blue as light white clouds flicker across the sky. It could be autumn but it’s certainly spring. I can smell it in the air. I am sitting at an outside diner on a busy city street. People are walking back and forth but I am enjoying a brunch of grilled asparagus, fire roasted salmon, and peach iced tea.

 A notebook, newspaper, cell phone, and an ipad join me at the table but I am not interested in either one. I am savoring the flavors of the food, enjoying the smell of the atmosphere, and relishing in the freedom of being able to do what I want on my own time. I will write books, connect with family and friends, facebook, tweet, blog, and research later.

 I am in San Francisco sitting at the pier looking over to Alcatraz. I am on 5th Avenue walking with an arm full of bags. I’ve gone shopping with no worries of what will/won’t fit or how much I spent. Money is not an option.

I have on a brand new pair of new balance sneakers, shorts, and a tank, and I am running full sped on a trail in Washington. It is lightly drizzling but I am not concerned about my locs getting wet. They need the moisture anyway. I can smell fresh breads baking at the neighboring stores. I can feel the breeze on my sweat opened pores. Inhale deeply and out with a huff! My lungs love the exercise.

I am dressed in a pair of white slacks with a beautiful caramel cashmere sweater and matching Christian Dior boots. My neck and ears are adorned in pearls and I am walking purse in hand towards the terminal for my mid afternoon flight to Toronto.

My love and I are chasing each other on a beach in St. Lucia A picnic basket sits on a blanket where it has been left so we could enjoy and entertain one another. She catches up to me and douses me in a bucket of sea water. I am not mad, all is fair in love and war. Into the beach I chase her, deeper and deeper until we are one treading to our neck in water. It is warm and soothing, we are at peace.

My love and I are sitting in a radio station in London giving an interview about my latest play. She is there for support. My heart is smiling.

We just finished decorating the nursery for our baby boy. God has blessed us.

Right now, in my mind, I am anywhere other than sitting in a cubicle at another job that is not getting me any closer to my life goals.

Stop existing and begin living.


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