Goodbye Raheem

February 10, 1981 God granted permission for the skies to open and a world to change Raheem Kamil Chaney Her Big Boy They called him P-Dot Some simply said, “Yo Rah” For Raheem means merciful, kind, and compassionate On further breakdown he’s a servant And I can remember the look in your eyes when you spoke of family The things you wanted to do for your children When you mentioned your son or spoke of your daughter Your smile had the ability to lighten any situation We can still hear your laughter Those bike rides down Arlington Bridge Road The pool on Laventhal Playing hide and seek in the attic You used to climb through the window Teaching your sisters and cousins to drive Singing Heavy D, “Got nothing but love for your baby: Always too cool Rapping on the black Composing lyrics by freestyle Shades on Locs swaying Hat tilted to the side You stayed fresh to death Always rocking nothing but the best Chilling out on Avon On Chancellor They knew you on Clinton and back around the way See life is nothing but a stopping place A journey along the road We know you couldn’t stay another day Not to pay, not to laugh, not to play In our hearts your love will forever stay On our mind is where we’ll keep you Remember you at every event During those quiet moments we’ll hear your voice When the family gathers we’ll tell tales of you Remind your children of who you were From your burdens you’ve been set free There will be no more worry No more pain No more tears Your work is complete We must now say Amen Raheem Kamil Chaney, we shall meet again

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