Giving Thanks


 There are so many things I have to give thanks for this year. I entered 2010 sitting in my living room with a close friend eating fried fish while watching Love Jones. When the clock striked 12 we watch fireworks from my balcony in Orlando, Fl and thought about what the New Year was going to be like. Somewhere in those minutes we decided to jump on the road and head to Atlanta. My motto always has been, “Have Car, Will Drive”, and so we did.

We had a blast in Atlanta that weekend and we spoke some things into existence. I was ready to film “Casting Stones”, I wanted to get my mind right and I really needed to focus on what more I wanted from life. For 10 years I’d been saying I was going to move to Atlanta without really focusing on it. When I spoke it New Year’s  weekend, it was more than random words falling from my mouth, it was something I knew would come to pass even if I didn’t know how or when.

I always say that there is danger in remaining somewhere you’re no longer supposed to be. For some people that may be their relationships, their job, a city, a situation…. etc etc, the list goes on. I met a lot of wonderful people in Orlando. There I published my first book “Think it, Write it, Speak it…”, I wrote and directed three stage plays, and I made some amazing connections. I’m grateful for the time I had there however, my season of change was upon me. My heart left Orlando many months or even years before I physically did.

“There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. ” Anais Nin.

Less than three months after New Year’s weekend  my plans began to turn into reality. I was working and going to school fulltime which was a load in and of itself. I was also in the middle of filming “Casting Stones’ and we were making good progress but it was long tedious work. My cast and I were spending hours on set trying to get the film done but we were having set backs. Things that wouldn’t have been a problem if I had all the people that I needed. I found out my Landlord was selling the Condo I was leasing and I wasn’t interested in purchasing it nor moving to another location in Orlando. I made up my mind then that it was time to leave. 

The moment I made that declaration to myself, doors began to open that were hidden in plain view right in front of me. Could I do, would I do it… AND BY MYSELF. Now I’ve moved lots of places but  could I really make the move to Atlanta by MYSELF? Sure I could and darn right I did.  May 21, 2010 I left my job in Orlando, FL with a new job in Atlanta, GA. I spent a month vacationing with family and friends and just getting my mind together. The last 6 years had been long and laborious, and fruitful. I was walking into a new chapter in my life and I knew it.

I have loved every minute of every day I have had since leaving Orlando. I am thankful for my mother even though we hardly speak, I’m grateful for my siblings even if we don’t see each other often. I praise God for my grandmother and father who have given me more than I can share. I thank the heavens for giving the ability to have a vision beyond my sight. I am Blessed with a gift from God and I have everything that I need to succeed right within me. I am not a half, I am a whole. I am not searching for completion, I’m on a quest for addition.

After all these years, I can honestly say that I LOVE ME and for that I am THANKFUL.

Be Blessed,

Nykieria Dennise

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