Father Can You Hear Me….

Oh does my heart burn fiery as the sun rays crosseth the wide lands Rapidly raging seas of thou emotions spread fervently around thee My emblazoned soul yearns to reach, to have, to occupy Oh does my skin tingle excitedly anticipating simplistic moments of happiness Be damned useless drifting days of no reward Cursed are the paths of merely existing to possess space For I’d rather be as a bird without wings to fly than sing a melody of no rhythm In this due season shall I commit permanently than spring into autumn with winter upon my back Outwardly I cry, Oh Father doesn’t thou hear me! My Lord surely your servant must be worthy of some fair chance Bridled I patiently restrain myself for I shall sit here in willful submission awaiting your due response

P.S. This is 10 Day of my 45 No Meat, No Alcohol Fast

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