Do Not Love Me To Death

Ana Behibek

Love was an early morning breeze drifting through windows and floating through doors Bed time prayers quietly tucked into princess sheets Kissing boo boos and bandaging knees My grandmother diligently kneading biscuit dough to feed the family Daddy dirty and sweaty sun blackened from a long days work but still taking the time to talk to me Bowing heads and passing grace around kitchens tables 12 speed bike rides and stoop talks Bobsleighs and goose downs exchanging wind chill factors Drifting on an old country swing Dragging feet through well-beaten sand Dreams and prosperity Simplicity captured in vulnerability Sprinkled with truth and cleansed with clarity This is love Ana behibek Ya tabe kahy T’estimo Wo ai ni Ninapenda wewe Je t’aime, Je t’adore Iay ovelay ouyay ikelay I learned to breathe Naturally Don’t think, just do it Open wide and swallow deep Then dig a little deeper For it soothes and holds you over Comforts motivates and guides your growth Takes you subtly Love is like instant chemistry Because if I could I would remove the air molecules and leave nothing but love and I touching Wrapped in the comfort of long gazes and slow kisses Simply savoring the touch of your skin brushing against mine In the words of Mrs. Celie, “Love like honey. And now I’s just like a bee.” Simply attracted The way we pillow talk Slow grind off to sleep Roll over into The touch, the feel of cotton Love is the fabric of my life Slow waking of morning after conversations over breakfast The long gaze of daydreams of midnight freak me down sessions The kind of love that Shai fell in when Whitney was giving her all Love wants to be your tenderoni because your Adidas is bad as hell Love should feel good Make you all giddy, happy, and nervous and shit Butterflies dancing in your stomach Breathing increasing for no reason Just the sight of love coming close Can you say Agape Because biblically love should feel spiritual Love is not saying I love you just because it’s become habitual or will get you closer to sliding inside my thighs Spreading myself so far over and into you that enough is but two syllables with no meaning Crooked letters on straight lines Twisted vowels of babbled communication Screaming, fighting, arguing nor dishonoring Love me to death but don’t kill me Love is not mental, physical, emotional, verbal, financial, or spiritual abuse Be it passive aggressive or subliminal in it’s meaning Love does not come out swinging It does not sneak to read text messages, phone bills, emails, Facebook or twitter accounts because you just know that I’m doing something It is not flirting in front of my face just to make me jealous Love doesn’t call up your boo thang at three in the morning just because we’ve been arguing And it doesn’t matter if you actually fucked or just thought about it The point remains, it was contemplated See no one ever said that love would be easy But “Love is patient, Love is kind; it does not envy nor boast for love is not proud” It is not ego tripping in front of your homies disrespecting me to upgrade you Doesn’t belittle demean nor degrade Love is not taking your frustrations out on me because you have anger management problems I am not your hitting bag Walk on by but do not stomp on me in the process Your soles tend to leave heartburn and I’ve learned that love is a verb It requires action, not words

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