Changing Sites…

I love creating my own way, having my own style, and leaving my mark. I love that I’m the only AtlTomgirl on the web, anyone else is just an imposter lol. Type in Atltomgirl and it brings you, well, directly here. That being said, I didn’t want anyone to have a chance to purchase the name so I did. Everything will pretty much remain the same except now you can go directly to to view my blog.

And just in case you’re wondering what a Tomgirl is….

Tomgirls have strength with style. They like to do things that boys like to do yet look like girls. They are most comfortable kicking a** in a fly fit with 5 inch stilettos. The attitude is assertive, confident, and charming. The difference between a Tomgirl and a Tomboy is that tomboys typically wear masculine-oriented clothes and tomgirls do not….(well sometimes they do)

 Confused? Think Angelina Jolie

Think Alicia Keys (before she had to dress up to calm down the gay rumors)

#AliciaKeys #AngelinaJolie #Atltomgirl #Tomboy

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