Blueberry Mornings 7/30

Delicate has never been my style I’m more the fences, ditches, running with the boys type The only bushes I’ve played in has been between thick thighs and welcoming sighs I too found my thrill on blueberry hill She was juicy and sweet The thought of those moments linger I still crave hickies and tender spots that remind me of the night before I like my hair gripped tightly by the roots Three fingers deep Look me in the eyes as you tell me how good you know it feels Touch me like you want me to remember Dip into my wetness, stroke my clitoris, and then plunge back in I like the feel of a woman gyrating against my thighs The way she slides between my legs Perfect positioning for kisses from her love atop mine I am in the mood for this this morning On this good day In this moment At this second Because of this throbbing I cannot stop

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