Blooming (1 of 30)

She said You are too awesome to be put on a shelf And not being cocky or overly confident I thought so myself Then I remembered a time that they said so too… But then my awesomeness became an expectation while their efforts became jaded What we had faded So we never made it Because awesome only exists as long as you recognize it as so So these days I tend to spend more time mending my business Patchwork quilting the holes I allowed to be made Never did call out those spades simply allowed the games to be played Betrayed inner ambitions for self conscious decisions What a fool of me Trying so hard to love that I forgot… ME Meticulous efforts Mentally exuded Mercifully exemplified Naive Yearning Knowingly Invoking Exhilarating Repressed Intense Awesomeness N.Y.K I.E R.I.A I didn’t lose myself to find myself, I lost everything Everything? Everything Created anew perfectly flawed in my beauty Blooming Layers exposed Resilient Dusty on the outside Pure love within If awesome is what I was then magnificent is what I am

Thank you Rachael for the inspiration. For the next 30 days I’m going to attempt the National Poetry Month poem a day challenge. I’ve tried this before so what makes this time different? Nothing, lol, but hopefully I’ll create some nice new pieces.

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