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Casting / Audition Details:

When the truth is not an option dishonesty runs so deep it goes Beyond Betrayal. Recently released from prison and out of work, Byran finds himself once again caught up in the fast life of women, drugs, and partying. While Byran struggles to support his family, Cleveland is the loving doting father for his only daughter but peer pressure has her on the brink of dishonoring everything that he has raised her to believe.

Journey to a place where even the church members are caught up in scandal and drug usage threatens to destroy lives. The point of no return is just the beginning as the characters are forced to face their struggles on a journey of self discovery and awareness.

Character Breakdown:

Female: Lead. Teen. A dreamer. Extremely smart and witty but often times naive. Struggling between peer pressure and what she has been raised to do. Cheerful and soft spoken until backed in a corner.

Female: Lead. 40ish. Southern Baptist, currently lonely in her marriage but very loving and Respectful. Devout. Values God and family above all else.

Female: Lead. 25ish. Tantalizing. Outwardly bold and sassy but internally insecure. Rebellious and judgmental. Will do anything to keep her man.

Female: Lead. Worldly. Has tried every drug under the sun and not ashamed to admit her shortcomings. Compassionate and confidant. She easily becomes the mother amongst a group of friends.

Times, dates & locations:

The Arts Exchange Sunday September 15, 2013 750 Kalb St. SE Atlanta, GA 30312 2:00 – 6:00 PM

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