Access Denied

The last few years God has been teaching me another very serious lesson about the dangers of not removing toxic people from your life. Unfortunately, I say another because this is not the first time that I’ve had to sit through this message. Toxic people walk into our lives for a number of reasons. To begin, not everyone that ends up being toxic was toxic when you began your interaction with them. Everyone we encounter is there for either a reason, season, or lifetime. One of the quickest ways to turn a relationship toxic is allowing one to remain in your life beyond their purpose. And when I say relationship I mean that you have a relationship with everyone you encounter. Another way that things turn toxic is when you mistake or attempt to change the purpose of why one is in your life. You cannot make your reason your season no more than you can make a lifetime out of a season. A woman is meant to carry a child around 9 months, give or take a few weeks. The further past that point the child remains, the more of a danger it becomes to both the mother and themselves. Note, your joy can end up being the very thing that kills you.

See, the devil comes to conquer and destroy. He has glimpsed into your future and he will do anything to prevent you from getting there. Another thing, he knows exactly what you like. He knows just how you like it. I like Tyler Perry’s movie Temptation because it shows what happens when you break your relationship with God and allow temptation to sneak in. He will send something your way that will knock you off your feet and have you stuck on so far stupid you can tell your ass from your feet. Your feet would have made you run but your ass had you sitting there like a plum fool. Sometimes God has to remove some of his protection and allow you to learn things the hard way. Growing up, my grandmother called this tough love.

We allow toxic people to remain in our lives for a number of reason however your definition of toxic and mine may be very different. There are those obvious things that are toxic but then there are those things that are specific for different individuals. Two things that keep people attached to others they shouldn’t is what they think is love and codependency. Without going into either of those, it is a danger to both your health and your future to not remove toxic people from your life. God will sit on your life and not allow you to take an inch of a foot forward. He will not allow you to get where you’re going when you’re surrounded with toxic things. And sometimes toxic people will remain simply because they see the God in you and they want that for themselves.

My lesson has been hard. I pray that it’s been a final one. I was so far gone that I couldn’t form positive relationships with others when I wanted to. I got it this time though. I know it will be many years and wonderful nights before anything resembling this lesson will cross my path.

Recently, I had someone try to enter my life and unfortunately I don’t even think she understood just how toxic she was. Her actions were compulsive, without reason or rhyme. For all of the good she professed of her intentions, her actions showed nothing but instability. Sorry boo but my life has no room for you.

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