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Anxiously anticipating the Brazen beseeched request to Connect carnal cravings Delicately devouring Every enticing inch of you Feverously frolicking focused cunnilingus Generating guttural gasps from Hypersensitive licked clitorises Intensively Caring for every Unit of your body… I.C.U Jeopardously kindling lustful moans Keenly savoring every morsel Lenitive touching, rubbing, sucking Moaning deeper, deeper, deeper…. Nykieria, go deeper Orgasm upon orgasm upon my lips and tongue Perfected movement in and out Quenching this burning desire to Ravage you repeatedly in all the ways you crave Stimulating nerve endings into submission The Scorpio in me has got to have it Ubique Vigorously cumming in my mouth on the bed, floors, stove, counters, the porch, the hood Willingly allowing me to XXerically f*ck you from across the room Yielding yearning yells Zealously showing you… I am nothing to be played with…

Now if you touch me again, I with ABC you without mercy.

National Poetry Writing Month

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