A Rainy Day in Georgia

Hey you. Sorry that I had to leave I’m on my way back.

2015 has proved to be a beast of a year. Thank you to all of my readers that have held on, emailed, texted, and even called to make sure that I was alright. My original thoughts in beginning this blog was to have my own little space online where I could come to share my thoughts. I’ve always been a big fan of journaling and the idea of doing so online seemed like a great idea. I still believe that. But this year tho! For many reasons, I shall remember this year for the duration of my life. I suffered both many losses and many highs. I’ve decided to focus on neither as I go forward. Truth be told, I spent most of the year attempting to carry on daily living while in the midst of emotional turmoil and grief. There is nothing I can change of that. I’ve decided to pick with where I am now and continue forward.

So with that…

It’s been raining the last week or so. The rain reminds me of rainy days in NYC. I love rainy NYC days. The gray skies and water puts me in a relaxing mood. Those are the days I simply wish to light candles, curl up, and read good books. The smell of incense and imaginary journeys have always refreshed my soul. Georgia has yet to give me that feel. Rather than focus on why not, I will focus on what I can do to bring that taste of NYC to where I am now.

I look forward to purchasing my first home. I have yet to decide where that may be. A few things considering, I may be in Georgia a while longer. If God says so then I willingly agree without complaint. That has become my new motto. This life isn’t mine. This life belongs to God, I am simply here to do what he needs be done.

I love my current apartment but it is too small and I need a place to garden. Gardening is peaceful for me. I am always on the go so the patience of watching something grow relaxes my mind. I’m also a chef so the idea of cooking with ingredients I’ve grown myself is very exciting. So about that home… Well…. It looks like I’ll be looking for a place in Georgia for the time being….


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