30 Days: No Meat, No Alcohol…

Most of us have become used to making New Years resolutions. Some of us are blessed in being able to keep them and others, not so much. I’ve been one of those that have been able to stay in the middle of mine. As I enter 2011, I am asking for major changes to take place in my life, starting from the inside out. I am asking for humility, wisdom, strength, favor, and resilience. I know that these things are needed for this chapter in my life. A change has been deep in my heart and I’m choosing to act on it now instead of waiting for January 1. I don’t want New Years to be the start of a change for me, I want to walk into the New Years practicing the things I want in my life.

 Though Biblical fasting is “is a mental and vocal declaration of doing without food in order to achieve spiritual strength, answers and direction, I believe that it is the mental and vocal declaration of doing without anything that has become a large part of your life that will provide the direction that you seek My fast is the removal of alcohol and meat. This is large for me because as a social person, alcohol is a large part of my lifestyle. Actually, I enjoy mixing drinks. I have also never gone without eating me. You can look at me and tell I haven’t gone without eating much.

 No meat, No alcohol to me meant just that. I would have nothing alcoholic, no meat whatsoever and yes that includes chicken, turkey, and fish. Everyone thought I was crazy to begin a fast during the holiday season. Who goes to Christmas parties without having a good piece of chicken or a glass of wine? Even I questioned my own rationale but I honestly didn’t want to put it off. I knew I said I was going to do it but I didn’t think I would make it all the way through it. So I did what most people do, I gave myself a way out. I rationed that I would have 2 free days where I could eat/drink whatever I wanted. I mean, could I make it a whole 30 days with this fast? It’s interesting that those were my thoughts going in because here I am on day 22 and I honestly have not cheated one. I haven’t even had the desire to stray from my path. The whole point of fasting is about sacrifice. I know what I’m asking to enter into my life and with that being said,  there isn’t much that I’m not willing to give up to accomplish it.

 I honestly believe that a lot of people expect a whole lot of something for a great deal of nothing. We don’t want to be uncomfortable; we don’t want to feel like we’re missing out on anything. We want what we want when we want it, regardless of the harm of having things before it’s our time to have them. Through this fast I have been reminded that there is a season for everything. It’s the process of life that molds us into the great individuals we are to become.

 I am ok in accepting that I have gone through great struggle, I’ve cried, I’ve had my heart broken, I’ve lost, I’ve hurt someone,  I’ve hurt myself, I’ve spoke without thinking, I’ve been dishonest, I’ve given my all, I’ve gotten less than I expected at times, I’ve been tricked, etc etc etc. It is these things that have built me into the woman that I am today. Like Marvin Sapp sung, “I’m stronger, I’m wiser, I’m better, much better”.

8 Days to go and I feel great. I will treat myself to some sushi and I can’t wait to have some hot wings. Oh, I will also have a totally fabulous cocktail but New Years is going to be better than ever and that’s because I’m entering with clarity and that is the beginning of a wonderful thing.

 Random food facts I discovered;

 Burger King has an awesome Veggie burger

Morningstar has come up with their veggie options

Sautéed Spinach and Mushrooms on anything tastes great to me

A salad isn’t as good without croutons

I can become addicted to Wendy’s Lemon Garlic Caesar dressing

I can live without mashed potatoes

Seriously, you have to check out the Morningstar section… totally fab

Thai food is delicious

I can live without meat but living without sushi and hot wings is NOT an option

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