Take from my life the fruits that I bear

and write them into existence.

Nykieria Chaney is encrypting her mark on the world through her many dynamic talents. Taking the U.S. spoken word scene by storm, Chaney began as a student at Alabama State University(A.S.U.). There, she won several poetry slams and competitions including the Extemporaneous Speaker Competition and the Black Entertainment Television (B.E.T.) at A.S.U. Talent Search Contest.

Spoken Word Artist

She has since performed at many of the world renowned poetry and open mic hot-spots in the U.S., including the Nuyorican Poetry Café in New York, NY, Uptown Saturday Nights in Charlotte, NC, The Spoken Word Café in Chicago, IL, Nokturnal Escape in Jacksonville, FL, Spoken Word Revolution in Orlando, FL, and Apache Café in Atlanta, GA.

Nyki,” as she is affectionately called by friends and family, powerfully delivers works that do not simply scratch the surface of any controversial issue but offer a verbal stronghold on taboo and unaddressed subjects. This gift continuously yields her a number of winning titles in poetry slams across the United States. Other benefits reaped from her oral harvest are features of her writings and performances by No Labelz Magazine, Sistah Speak of St. Louis, MO, GBF Magazine, Women in Music, radio station 103.1FM of Orlando, FL and 89.3FM of Atlanta, SisterLove of Atlanta, GA, A&U Magazine, Lesbian Memoirs, Punany Poets, The Nalo Movement, and many other magazines, ezines, and anthologies.



Tenaciously advancing and diversifying her career, she put the pedal to the metal in 2007 with the publishing of her solo written book of poetry, Think It, Write It, Speak It…Nothing but the Truth. In December 2007 Chaney launched GSpot Radio Show (GRS). GRS is one of the original LGBTQ Radio Shows catering specifically to females. With inciting topics and exclusive interviews, the show is a platform for LGBT Artists. GRS has interviewed guests such as Leela James, The Floacist of Floetry, Jessica Holter of Punany Poets, Nikki Smith (Neyo Sister), Lovers & Friends Cast, Fiona Zedde, Laurinda Brown, Conscious of “Getting Unstuck”, Qui510, T. Miller, Studology 101, Rapper Digit, Kin4Life, Nefertiti Akinyela, and many other supporters of the LGBT community.


Nykieria’s play Bend, Don’t Break debuted during the 2009 United Arts Festival to sold out crowds. It was both a dream come true and a sobering moment as she realized that sometimes you have to blaze the path that you wish to follow. Following that motto she went on to write and direct Behind The Rainbow, a play speaking on taboo topics in the LGBTQ Community. It was also in 2009 that Nykieria partnered with the FL Department of Health and Sisters Organizing to Survive (SOS) to write her leading play, Positively Infected, a dramatic performance focusing on HIV/AIDS and how black women are infected and affected by this disease. The performance shows that there is no face of AIDS in the black community as each of us is just as likely to be infected when we fail to protect ourselves.

In 2010 Nykieria created Cre8ive Nsights Inc, a Literary and Performance Arts Company aimed at assisting to eradicate a disease that claims the lives of over 18,000 people each year. Utilizing literature, performance, dance, and other expressive arts, Cre8ive Nsights develops programs using literature and performance arts to educate communities on the realities of HIV and AIDSIt was in 2012 that Nykieria wrote the highly acclaimed stage play, Beyond Betrayal. A high energy show of original lyrics, contemporary dance, and thought provoking poetry. Weaving a tangled web of dishonesty, love, and vulnerability, the play reveals how even one person’s actions can have harrowing effects on others. Through these many avenues of creative expression Nykieria has proved herself as an indubitable wordsmith and acquired a loyal fan base that is widely divergent and composed of people all nationalities, sexes, and orientations.

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